In 2014, my son Joshua’s life began. He was the miracle, the hero of my story. After surviving a brutal rape, he gave me back my smile. Since his story went viral, I’ve been able to help other women survive their own traumas and assaults. Joshy’s story has encouraged other women to make life affirming choices for their own children conceived in rape.


Along my journey, my husband and I came to realize a gap exists in the pro-life community for women who survive rape and sexual assault. There are few resources to support survivors, their children, and their healing.

That is where Love Louder steps in. We are a pro life- no exceptions ministry that comes alongside sexual assault survivors to let them know that they are not alone, they will survive this, they will be okay, and we will be there when they aren’t okay. Our mission is to offer help, hope, and support for women healing from sexual assault, those who have conceived in rape, and the children conceived in rape.

And we can’t do it without you. Your prayers and support are vital to the Love Louder mission. 

We are asking you to partner with us in helping serve an underserved and misrepresented group of women. Gifts of $100 or more directly help support mothers from rape. $75 pays monthly for insurance for the organization. A donation of $50 keeps our hotline up and running for a month. A donation of $30 keeps the website running. $25 keeps our PO Box and official mailings up to date. Every dollar helps and we truly appreciate every one.

This is all about community. One that is pro every life. A community who knows a child’s conception doesn’t define their humanity.